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Reflex-deflex longbow 64-66


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Love for wood working

The passion for creating traditional bows and arrows is part of a family heritage that transmitted a love for wood working and proper work ethics.
Everything is done by hand and is designed to offer the perfect combination of performance and unsurpassed beauty with a great attention to detail. A bow can last a lifetime and be handed down, generation after generation.

In a constant search for excellence, the best materials, technologies and techniques are used. Patagonia Archery´s bow limbs are built by laminating some of the best hardwoods available: Hard maple, an industry standard for decades; vertically stacked bamboo (action-boo), light weight and quick; guayubirá, very similar properties to those of high altitude Pacific Yew and Lenga, one of the main woods used by Patagonia´s native people to build their selfbows.

All laminations are cut, ground, sanded and tested in house to ensure a perfect result and flawless glue up. The best fiberglass available from the US and Austria is carefully inspected and sorted so that only the
best pieces go into a bow.
To top it off, Argentina´s varied climate allows for an incredible array of different wood species which are cut, dried, planed and sanded to produce some of the most striking combinations in the business. From northern hardwoods to Patagonia´s exclusive timbers, the possibilities are almost endless.

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