At Patagonia Archery we make sure that every bow we build is done so using the finest Argentinian timbers. Hardwoods such as: guayubirá, Curupay, Urunday, Itin, Mora, Lapacho, Timbó, Viraró, Guatambú and many more can be used as riser woods, some are ideal as core laminates and most are used as beautiful limb veneers and riser accents.

For the first time in the archery industry, we are proud to offer our own Patagonia’s native woods,
never before used to build laminated, composite, high performance bows.

We source all our wood from certified mills and sustainable harvesting grounds and extraction methods. We carry great pride in our concern for utilizing our natural resources and that is why a few of our Patagonian woods, namely, Maiten and Coihue burl, are recovered from naturally fallen trees. This means that some options are not always in stock. Please contact us for availability.

Woods from Patagonia


(Nothofagus dombeyi), grows in a small area between the 40 th parallel South and Tierra del Fuego. It can reach up to 150 ft in height and its trunk can grow to 7 ft at the tree’s base. Fungi infections naturally cause protruding burls that are very sought after for the figure they produce when cut.


(Lomatia hirsuta), grows in Argentina and Chile between the 35 th and 44 th southern parallels.
It grows about 50 ft high. Its wood is very valued by fine wood workers due to its chatoyant figures and unique shine, especially when cut radially. Radal’s bark and leaves have been used medicinally for millennia.


(Nothofagus pumilio), also known as Tierra del Fuego’s oak, grows between the 35th and 56th southern parallels. It can be 100 ft tall although is also commonly found as a shrub 6500 ft above sea level. Lenga provides a very strong, resilient and flexible wood and has been used by the Selk-Nam people in Tierra del Fuego to build selfbows for over 6000 years.


(Maytenus boaria), is quite widespread over Argentina although the largest specimens grow towards the South, in colder climates, in the Patagonian-Andean woods and forests. It can reach up to 65 ft in height and its wood has reddish tones with dark streaks which vary depending on the age of the tree. The older the tree, the darker and more striking the wood.